MBPaperDesign: Wedding Favor Tags, Paper Tags, Personalized Tags

With a degree in marketing and young children, Marianne Benzen wanted a way to stay home with her kids, and still make money. That’s when she decided to start MBPaperDesign. She knew it would take hard work, but was willing to put in the time: “I love being in control of my success.  Nothing is going to happen without hard work and determination.  If you put in the time and you are willing to go with the flow, adjust to the changes, you will succeed!  My hard work is really paying off and that feels awesome.  I am so proud of what I have done with this shop, from a small town of 1,200 people in Minnesota.  A local newspaper feature, a feature on tintedwedding.com, a podcast with Convomepodcast, a feature with handmadeology “road to 1,000” and now this!  I love it!”

Why does Marianne love (making and buying) handmade? “I know how much emotions go into every piece you make. Any one can mass print, market and distribute.  When you are a part of every step of your business….design, processing, human resources, shipping…you see it through from the beginning to the end, it is hard work but the end product is so much nicer.  I am working for every dollar I earn.”

In her shop, MBPaperDesign, you will find a variety of handmade goods for wedding, parties, crafting and DIY projects, like these:

MBPaperDesign on HelloImHandmade.com

Drink Tickets by MBPaperDesign on HelloImHandmade.com

MBPaperDesign on HelloImHandmade.com

Personalized Baby Shower tags by MBPaperDesign on HelloImHandmade.com

MBPaperDesign on HelloImHandmade.com

Thank You tags by MBPaperDesign on HelloImHandmade.com

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