Constellation Kitchen: Hand Painted Whimsical Kitchenwares and Artwork

Sawyer started Constellation Kitchen after posting a few of her creations on Instagram and getting positive feedback from family and friends. Plus, she finds the painting process cathartic, “I had recently moved in with my Fiancé and had a bunch of mixed matched mugs and such that were just plain so I decided to bring a little colour into the Kitchen by painting them. … (it was) a way to de-stress from University Classes and have something beautiful in my home and especially Kitchen. Now I get to make other people happy, I love the feedback I get from clients and when they really love the work I do.”

When I asked her why handmade is important to her, she had a great reply, “I think its so important because you are supporting small businesses and people taking time to make something gorgeous, personal and most often really well made. When you buy hand made you get really awesome products and you get to meet really cool people and artists and learn things all at the same time. I would have to say though that quality is the biggest plus for me. I would rather spend a bit more and have something that will last and support small businesses than a whole bunch of things that will eventually have to be thrown out or that will break.”

Originally from Bermuda, Sawyer gets a lot of her inspiration from the ocean – and it really shows in her work…

Constellation Kitchen on

Humpback Whale, from Constellation Kitchen

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Multi-Coloured Cereal Bowl from Constellation Kitchen

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Hand Painted World Map from Constellation Kitchen

You can also find Constellation Kitchen on Instagram and Facebook.