Little Arrow Co: cute and trendy clothes for babies and kids

I’ve been following Little Arrow Co on Instagram for quite a while now… even though my own daughters are way too old to wear the clothes the owner, designer and maker, Amber creates. That is a testament to how cute and creative her designs (and photos) are! Like many others, Amber started Little Arrow Co after being unable to find exactly what she was looking for, for her son. “Little Arrow Co began after having my son, Declan. I had the hardest time finding trendy, yet functional items for my little guy and decided to dust off my sewing machine and begin designing my own creations. The response I got from family and friends triggered my dream to launch Little Arrow Co and share my items with other mamas out there. I never imagined that in 5 short months, I would meet so many amazing people and share my designs with babes all around the world. It’s a surreal feeling.”

Handmade means a lot to Amber, “When I was a little girl, I had a fascination with long dresses that I could twirl around in like a princess. My grandma ended up having the most beautiful dress handmade for me by a family member. I have a vivid memory of it to this day. She always told me that it was “made for me” and that made me feel like the most special little girl ever. This dress was passed down to my little sisters and is just waiting for the day that I have a little girl to make feel like the “most special little girl ever”. More recently, I just purchased a robot made by Abby Busy Bot. I discovered this amazing shop through a local craft show that I participated in and knew that I had to purchase one for my son. They are seriously so unique, well-made, and simply perfect! I love discovering all the amazing talent out there and finding one-of-a-kind treasures that you can’t buy in a typical store.”

And why is handmade so important? One simple word; “Love. When you create something, you pour so much love into it. There is a sense of pride and creativity that goes into each stitch made. Yes, there are moments when my back aches from the hours of sewing and my eyes start to twitch from staring at my sewing machine too long, but seeing that final creation that will be loved by a little one out there makes it all worth it.”

I agree! Take a look a few of Little Arrow Co’s designs here:

Little Arrow Co on

“Posing for the Mamarazzi” tee by Little Arrow Co

Little Arrow Co on

Tiger Cub Bibdana by Little Arrow Co

Little Arrow Co on

“Blessed are the curious…” romper by Little Arrow Co


You can also find Little Arrow Co on Instagram and Facebook.