Ilianne: miniature food jewelry made of love

I cannot say enough good things about the sweet jewelry creations from Ilianne Jewelry! Ilianne makes these tiny food (and book) sculptures. Ilianna is fascinated by all things miniature, and so she started creating these tiny pies, cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, tea and coffee cups, doughnuts, and even pizzas, bread baskets, and pita gyros that all look so good, you might want to eat them… They are even scented!

Ilianna is so enthusiastic about what she does, and it really shows. I asked her why she decided to start her business, and she told me, “Because I wanted to break away.. I wanted a way to escape from computers. That’s how everything started! Everyday, all day… you could find me in front of a huge computer screen, editing photos…working on digital prints and albums for someone.
Since the day I discovered that being creative isn’t just between the borders of a cold screen! Since the day I discovered polymer clay, jump rings, scissors, glue and chains! That’s the day I started living again!Opening my Etsy shop and soon my own e-shop website gave me the opportunity to connect with the world, connect with you, who I claim friends… exchange ideas with so many talented crafters, feel a member of a vibrant community which never ceases to amaze me! I found my own way to share anything I make with my hands with all of you and a way to become better on what I’m doing! From the tiniest ring to the CHUNKIEST pendant, I do the best I can to please all of my customers and put a smile on their face on the day they are gonna open that package. The fact that everything I make can travel all around the world and make someone smile is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my life!!”

Did I mention she is enthusiastic? 😉 Seriously, though… this is what I am talking about when I suggest people start a business doing something they love. This gets to be your mindset… You’re not just making a living, but living a happy, fulfilled life. Like Ilianna says, ” I can wake up every morning with a huge smile on my face thinking that I am going to ship one of my precious handmade pieces to somewhere out there in the world.” And, “Every time you click a button and purchase a piece of jewelry that I made, a huge instant smile appears on my face. Because you chose it among many others and you thought it was unique and special. This means the whole world to me.”

Here are just a few of her foodie creations:

Ilianna Jewelry on

Doughnut earrings by Ilianna Jewelry

Ilianna Jewelry on

Miniature coffee and doughnuts ring by Ilianna Jewelry

Ilianna Jewelry on

Chocolate chip cookies by Ilianna Jewelry

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention, Ilianne also makes book inspired miniatures, as well! Like this one inspired by The Fault in Our Stars (one of my favorite books of all time!)

Ilianna Jewelry on

Okay? Okay. – The Fault in Our Stars inspired necklace by Ilianna Jewelry

You can also find Ilianna Jewelry on Instagram and Facebook.

What’s this? Hello, I’m Handmade has a shop?!

I have had SO MUCH FUN connecting with, featuring, and empowering, the handmade community since starting Hello, I’m Handmade. Some of you know, but many do not, I am also a fine artist. So, recently, after taking a weekend trip to the coast to recharge and re-energize,  I had an idea… why not combine the two?!

And Hello, I’m Handmade! on Etsy was born! There I offer motivational art for entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists and makers of all kinds. I mean, shouldn’t your home office or studio be a beautiful place that makes you happy? (Some of the prints would look equally cute in a nursery, play room, or kid’s rooms!) Being your own boss just got a little awesome-r.

Every print comes as an instant download, so all you have to do is print it out and pop it into a frame. Each purchase also comes with a free wallpaper background for your cellphone and/or tablet! *score!*

Here are just a few of the prints available, and new posters will be coming to the shop every week. YAY!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

#LadyBoss instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

Live Your Dreams instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

You Are… The Best instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!