Our Hello, I’m Handmade Winners!

I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who participated in my latest contest to be featured! I feel like I am a part of a community that really cares, because they do what they do, and make what they make, with heart and passion! I love making handmade, but I also love buying handmade, because I know each product wasn’t made on an assembly line or in a sweat shop, but on someone’s kitchen counter, or dining room, or sewing room, while their babies sleep, kids are at school, or late at night because they also work a day job.

Winner one (and these are in no particular order) is WAX by LAX, (you can follow them on Instagram here) with their March of Dimes Limited Edition candle: All proceeds from this candle go directly to March of Dimes!

WAX by LAX on Hello, I'm Handmade!

WAX by LAX limited edition March of Dimes Candle.


Next up is Marshmueller (you can follow her on Instagram here), with her adorable yellow bunny bib:

Marshmueller on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Marshmueller’s Yellow Bunnies Bib.


And finally (sort of! Haha!) we have Industrial Envy (you can follow them on Instagram here) with this fun shot glass paddle:

Industrial Envy on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Industrial Envy’s shot glass paddle


I truly wish I could have featured EVERYONE who participated, because you all ROCK! But here are a few bonus winners (because it was nearly impossible to choose just three!) So I rounded up a few bonus winners…

Bonus winners on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Bonus winners on Hello, I’m Handmade!

You can find them on Instagram: @paperandthings_nyc | @verajayne_ | @forgottencotton | @darcie_pinkpoppyshoppe | @putonlovedesigns | @mimsydesign | @aspen_and_oak | @tinponysoaphouse |

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