Hilltop Designs: soaps, balms, quilts and rugs.

Christine Weber decided to start Hilltop Designs after being let going of two jobs in just a few months (read the whole story here). It seems like a familiar tale that many of us small business owners can relate too. Being forced out of jobs we love, or realizing we don’t love those jobs so much, after all. And why should we? Like Christine, when we work for ourselves we not only gain income, but freedom, ”  I love the … ability to be home with my kids and work at the same time.  Even on the days it is not always convenient to work out of the home, with kids under foot. It is still just a blessing and brings a great sense of accomplishment.”

Making thing by hand also brings a feeling of nostalgia, “My Grandma always knitted and crocheted and I she made us all blankets.  She even sat and tried to teach me crochet even though I never quite got anything more than a chain stitch, but knitting was easier for me.  When I work with my circular needles and I often think of her.”

And making things by hand “reminds us that quality still matters. Life isn’t about quantity, or how much you have or how quickly you can get it.  Making things by hand keeps traditions and old trades alive.”

Hilltop Designs not only makes and sell wonderful soaps, balms, rungs and quilts, but also offers a consultant program for people looking to earn a income from the products.

Hilltop Designs on HelloImHandmade.com

Lemon Tea Salt Scrub from Hilltop Designs

Hilltop Designs on HelloImHandmade.com

Olive Oil Soap from Hilltop Designs

Hilltop Designs on HelloImHandmade.com

Organic Coconut Oil and Local Beeswax Balm from Hilltop Designs


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