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Would you like to promote your handmade business on @HelloImHandmade?

Great! Here is some of the information you need to get started…

I currently have around 12,000 followers, friends and fans on Instagram with the account @HelloImHandmade. I started out posting items from Etsy shops that I knew and liked (as I still do), and the account began to grow, and grow, and grow! It is currently growing at just about 50-100 new followers per day.

I’ll admit it: I am very picky about who I feature, and when I do decide to feature someone on my Instagram, I also feature them on the corresponding Facebook page and Twitter account, and I even add it to my personal favorites on Etsy itself. Just recently, I added this blog, tumblr, and Pinterest for even more exposure for these amazing shops. I want to empower small business owners, makers, movers and shakers like you, to help you build your businesses and brands! It’s really a comprehensive Social Media promotion — not just one or two places.

At this point I am taking a limited number of paid features.

Here are the details:

  • FEATURE OPTION 1: Instagram+ It’s just $20 (prices may rise as the friends, fans, and followers grow) to be featured on the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and I only feature 2-4 shops (max) per day — typically 3 per day.
  • FEATURE OPTION 2: Instagram+ and Blog+ In addition to the above, for an extra $10 I will also feature you on the Hello, I’m Handmade blog, tumblr, and pin your item(s) to my most relevant Pinterest board(s).
  • FEATURE OPTION 3: If you pay for the Instagram+ feature for 3 months now, the additional features on the blog, tumblr, and Pinterest are free!
  • Typically there is a 5-14 day lead time once you’ve paid for your features, longer close to big holidays. 
  • Your features are permanent, and may not be changed once posted (unless there is an error on my part.)
  • I get to choose which item and which photo from your shop is featured, (although I do take into account your best sellers, newer items, suggestions, and requests) and I might alter your photo slightly (only to make it look better and be more cohesive in the feed.)

If the above details sound fair to you, please fill out the form below to be considered. If I find your shop to be a good fit,  I will contact you within 7 days, and only then I will send you a PayPal invoice which must be paid within 3 business days. Once paid, your item will be added to the appropriate queue(s).


Have more questions? Check the FAQs!

Coupon Codes are optional, but if you would like to offer a special discount to my followers, please add that info now.