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Just showing a little handmade love…

I Love Handmade *

I Love Handmade *

It’s no secret, I love handmade! And I truly feel honored to hear, and share, the stories from so many people who take their time and talents to make things by hand. So I just had to share a little handmade love. Just sayin’.

What’s this? Hello, I’m Handmade has a shop?!

I have had SO MUCH FUN connecting with, featuring, and empowering, the handmade community since starting Hello, I’m Handmade. Some of you know, but many do not, I am also a fine artist. So, recently, after taking a weekend trip to the coast to recharge and re-energize,  I had an idea… why not combine the two?!

And Hello, I’m Handmade! on Etsy was born! There I offer motivational art for entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists and makers of all kinds. I mean, shouldn’t your home office or studio be a beautiful place that makes you happy? (Some of the prints would look equally cute in a nursery, play room, or kid’s rooms!) Being your own boss just got a little awesome-r.

Every print comes as an instant download, so all you have to do is print it out and pop it into a frame. Each purchase also comes with a free wallpaper background for your cellphone and/or tablet! *score!*

Here are just a few of the prints available, and new posters will be coming to the shop every week. YAY!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

#LadyBoss instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

Live Your Dreams instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

You Are… The Best instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Let’s Get Social on Sundays!

Let's get social on Sundays! with the Hello, I'm Handmade! blog

Hi friends! I’m starting a new tradition – “Let’s Get Social on Sundays!” Over on Facebook I will post this image early Sunday morning… Please feel free to comment all day (if you don’t use Facebook, feel free to comment on this blog post) with ALL your social media links/handles, etc. I just added tumblr and pinterest to the list of social media sites for Hello, I’m Handmade. So fun!

Well, Hello! I’m (now) Hello, I’m Handmade!

We've rebranded!

Hi everyone!

I am so glad you’re here! This has been a long time coming — the re-branding of what once was known as “The Very Best Of Etsy.” *Yay!* When I first started @TheVeryBestOfEtsy on Instagram, I knew I had a good idea, and the determination to make it work. I wanted to help my favorite Etsy shops shine. I put in a lot of hours, building a great feed filled with handmade, art, fashion, vintage and more, all from various (and wonderful!) Etsy sellers, as well as building a large and loyal fan base of people who love buying and supporting handmade and small businesses.

And boy, did it grow fast!

In 15 weeks the account has grown to 8500 followers. They/you are an awesome bunch! My followers share the Etsy love by liking the posts, commenting, and (even better) following the shops that are being featured and actually buying from them, too! It’s awesome. I get emails, DM’s and comments all the time that are so affirming and uplifting. Many of the shops I feature are repeat customers, too.

But there was one problem, and from the beginning, it was always lingering in the back of my mind… If *my* Instagram name contained Etsy’s name, it wasn’t really MY business… Right? And even though I am going to continue to feature Etsy sellers on Instagram as well as this new blog (not to mention Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter), I just felt like I needed a name that was all my own… a cohesive name and brand. So…

Hello, I’m Handmade was created!

I am SUPER excited about these changes, and look forward to helping even more fantastic Etsy sellers get the exposure for their businesses that they truly deserve.

In the next few weeks (while I hash out all the new changes – I am a one-woman show here, making everything from web sites, graphics, features, emails, etc.) I will introduce myself formally here on the blog (with an infographic explaining all the things that I do – I definitely wear a lot of hats!), start adding a few Etsy business tips, and of course, featuring and promoting some of my very favorite Etsy sellers.

Thank you so much for joining me in this adventure!

With gratitude,