Constellation Kitchen: Hand Painted Whimsical Kitchenwares and Artwork

Sawyer started Constellation Kitchen after posting a few of her creations on Instagram and getting positive feedback from family and friends. Plus, she finds the painting process cathartic, “I had recently moved in with my Fiancé and had a bunch of mixed matched mugs and such that were just plain so I decided to bring a little colour into the Kitchen by painting them. … (it was) a way to de-stress from University Classes and have something beautiful in my home and especially Kitchen. Now I get to make other people happy, I love the feedback I get from clients and when they really love the work I do.”

When I asked her why handmade is important to her, she had a great reply, “I think its so important because you are supporting small businesses and people taking time to make something gorgeous, personal and most often really well made. When you buy hand made you get really awesome products and you get to meet really cool people and artists and learn things all at the same time. I would have to say though that quality is the biggest plus for me. I would rather spend a bit more and have something that will last and support small businesses than a whole bunch of things that will eventually have to be thrown out or that will break.”

Originally from Bermuda, Sawyer gets a lot of her inspiration from the ocean – and it really shows in her work…

Constellation Kitchen on

Humpback Whale, from Constellation Kitchen

Constellation Kitchen on

Multi-Coloured Cereal Bowl from Constellation Kitchen

Constellation Kitchen on

Hand Painted World Map from Constellation Kitchen

You can also find Constellation Kitchen on Instagram and Facebook.

Reset Reality: Abstract Figure Art and Bird Illustrations by Vanessa Lee

Reset Reality: Artwork by Vanessa Lee on

After graduating from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Vanessa Lee experienced some success selling her art in craft shows around the city. But it wasn’t until her move to New York City, and working 70 hours a week in two part-time jobs, she realized she needed to pick up her creative practice again; “I opened up my Etsy shop in 2012. The first day, I listed 16 paintings and didn’t expect much to happen… But two months later, someone bought six paintings and my jaw dropped. There’s been a huge learning curve to build the business up, and every sale that comes in, I call it a small success. I still work two jobs, seven days, but the circumstances behind my schedule are much more conducive to running a small business, painting and being creative. Sometimes I feel like the busiest person on the planet, but it’s because I have a dream and I want to see it to fruition.”

Vanessa’s work is unique and filled with juxtapostion: from her highly detailed bird illustrations, to her abstract figure art. She started selling her work on Etsy because “Having an outlet to present and sell my creative works on my own terms, without going through a gallery or the hoops of the art world really appeals to me. To be a successful artist, one must learn how to wear many hats and have multiple venues to sell the work. In addition to selling on Etsy, I participate in many local craft fairs and enjoy talking to people about what I do in person. Right now, I am in the middle of research of what my next step should be…”

It’s always nice to hear about other couples that work together (my fiance and I do, too), so I love that Vanessa added, “My partner, who has been with me through thick and thin for the last eight years, has supported me throughout my creative career. He also has a small business going on Etsy, which I assist in managing. Having two creative people in a relationship can have its ups and downs, but I think in the end the results are rewarding.” Indeed!

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what those next steps are. Here is just a small sample of Vanessa’s paintings:

Reset Reality: Artwork by Vanessa Lee on Reset Reality: Artwork by Vanessa Lee on Reset Reality: Artwork by Vanessa Lee on


You can also find Vanessa on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Just showing a little handmade love…

I Love Handmade *

I Love Handmade *

It’s no secret, I love handmade! And I truly feel honored to hear, and share, the stories from so many people who take their time and talents to make things by hand. So I just had to share a little handmade love. Just sayin’.

cAperture – Fine Art Photographs

cAperture Venice fine art travel photography on

Not only does Jenessa, from cAperture, create beautiful fine art photographs from travel to landscapes, but she started her business like many of us do – in uncertainty. ” For me, it began as an off-handed comment from a friend: ‘Are you going to become a photographer? You should.’ It had never crossed my mind to take something I did purely from the love of photographs an make it into a business. I had always thought that photography and the arts weren’t something I could ever get into; that I’d ever be creative enough for. ‘Only one in a million are successful’ were my usual thoughts. However, those words, ‘You should’ kept rolling and rolling around in my head. I did my research, and took a leap. Here I am, taking my one in a million shot and going for the dream – and loving every minute.”

When I asked her about what her favorite part of being in business for herself was, she replied, “The thing I enjoy most about being in business is the unexpected creativity that business requires. How to present my photos, how to market my photos, how to ship my photos; all takes thought, creativity, and planning.  It’s fulfilling to know that I put myself out there; that the choices I make, good or bad,  are my choices and created by me.”

When we talked about the importance of handmade, Jenessa brought up the fact that her items are more “eye made.” I love that idea, and it’s so true! “Making things by hand is important because it fosters creativity, uniqueness, and variety, which otherwise might disappear in a world of 50 billion necklaces that look exactly like that, or 50 billion photos that look exactly like this. My work is less handmade and more ‘eye-made’ what I make comes from my eyes and mind and it is how I see the world, it isn’t how anyone else sees it- it is only mine. Your vision would be different and that diversity is a good thing.”

Her photographs really do stand out. Here are just a few examples, so you can see what I mean:

cAperture Brooklyn Bridge fine art photography on

cAperture Brooklyn Bridge fine art photography on

cAperture French Bulldog fine art photography on

cAperture French Bulldog fine art photography on

cAperture Venice fine art travel photography on

cAperture Venice fine art travel photography on


You can also find cAperture on Instagram and Facebook.

What’s this? Hello, I’m Handmade has a shop?!

I have had SO MUCH FUN connecting with, featuring, and empowering, the handmade community since starting Hello, I’m Handmade. Some of you know, but many do not, I am also a fine artist. So, recently, after taking a weekend trip to the coast to recharge and re-energize,  I had an idea… why not combine the two?!

And Hello, I’m Handmade! on Etsy was born! There I offer motivational art for entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists and makers of all kinds. I mean, shouldn’t your home office or studio be a beautiful place that makes you happy? (Some of the prints would look equally cute in a nursery, play room, or kid’s rooms!) Being your own boss just got a little awesome-r.

Every print comes as an instant download, so all you have to do is print it out and pop it into a frame. Each purchase also comes with a free wallpaper background for your cellphone and/or tablet! *score!*

Here are just a few of the prints available, and new posters will be coming to the shop every week. YAY!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

#LadyBoss instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

Live Your Dreams instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Hello, I'm Handmade! Art for entrepreneurs on Etsy

You Are… The Best instant download, printable art from Hello, I’m Handmade on Etsy!

Our Hello, I’m Handmade Winners!

I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who participated in my latest contest to be featured! I feel like I am a part of a community that really cares, because they do what they do, and make what they make, with heart and passion! I love making handmade, but I also love buying handmade, because I know each product wasn’t made on an assembly line or in a sweat shop, but on someone’s kitchen counter, or dining room, or sewing room, while their babies sleep, kids are at school, or late at night because they also work a day job.

Winner one (and these are in no particular order) is WAX by LAX, (you can follow them on Instagram here) with their March of Dimes Limited Edition candle: All proceeds from this candle go directly to March of Dimes!

WAX by LAX on Hello, I'm Handmade!

WAX by LAX limited edition March of Dimes Candle.


Next up is Marshmueller (you can follow her on Instagram here), with her adorable yellow bunny bib:

Marshmueller on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Marshmueller’s Yellow Bunnies Bib.


And finally (sort of! Haha!) we have Industrial Envy (you can follow them on Instagram here) with this fun shot glass paddle:

Industrial Envy on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Industrial Envy’s shot glass paddle


I truly wish I could have featured EVERYONE who participated, because you all ROCK! But here are a few bonus winners (because it was nearly impossible to choose just three!) So I rounded up a few bonus winners…

Bonus winners on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Bonus winners on Hello, I’m Handmade!

You can find them on Instagram: @paperandthings_nyc | @verajayne_ | @forgottencotton | @darcie_pinkpoppyshoppe | @putonlovedesigns | @mimsydesign | @aspen_and_oak | @tinponysoaphouse |

Phoebe Harris Illustration + More

I absolutely love the loose illustrations from Phoebe Harris. Her work can be found on paper (art prints, cards, zines, etc.) as well as textiles.

Illustrator Phoebe Harris on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Illustrator Phoebe Harris on Hello, I'm Handmade!

Illustrator Phoebe Harris on Hello, I'm Handmade!