Circle all that apply to you: 

  1. You are creative (an artist, crafter, maker, etc.) who wants to (and/or is already trying to) make a living doing what you love. Using your talent and passion to better your life and the lives around you.
  2. You LOVE making — whether it’s painting, knitting, soap making, weaving, jewelry making, sewing, or doing whatever your creative endeavor may be!
  3. You want to sell more of your work (either on Etsy, your own web site, or another platform) to support yourself (and maybe your family) and/or supplement your income.
  4. You want to do the whole Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/etc., but don’t know how to start, much less succeed, without being spammy or sales-y, or just plain getting lost in the fray.

If you circled one or more, awesome: You’re in the right spot! Because I can help. 
I’m Julie, and I help creatives like you build the businesses, and the lives, they really want. I do this through my feature services and blog where I provide helpful tools to promote your Etsy shop, your brand, and your social media, in a way that provides real results for your business. 

Want to know more about me? 

  • I  live, work, and love my life in Portland, Oregon where I am grateful to be able to make art pretty much every single day.
  • I’ve been working and selling online since the Internet Dark Ages. (1997!)
  • I have two daughters that I am crazy about. And I’m super proud of them both (so if… err…when I brag about them, I’m sorry for not being sorry.)  ;)
  • I have a feisty Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Lucy that loves to snuggle and prefers broccoli over carrots.
  • I am engaged to my best friend, and the best guy I know.
  • I’m obsessed with modern, minimal design. (I blog about that, here.
  • My favorite concerts (so far) have been The Smiths and Band of Horses. 
  • You can find more about my abstract art here: www.JulieTillman.com
  • If it’s not obvious, I love Instagram!

So yes, you could say I am a busy lady. And that’s just how I like it.

Because I believe that everyone should be able to make a living doing what they love.

Don’t you?