Constellation Kitchen: Hand Painted Whimsical Kitchenwares and Artwork

Sawyer started Constellation Kitchen after posting a few of her creations on Instagram and getting positive feedback from family and friends. Plus, she finds the painting process cathartic, “I had recently moved in with my Fiancé and had a bunch of mixed matched mugs and such that were just plain so I decided to bring a little colour into the Kitchen by painting them. … (it was) a way to de-stress from University Classes and have something beautiful in my home and especially Kitchen. Now I get to make other people happy, I love the feedback I get from clients and when they really love the work I do.”

When I asked her why handmade is important to her, she had a great reply, “I think its so important because you are supporting small businesses and people taking time to make something gorgeous, personal and most often really well made. When you buy hand made you get really awesome products and you get to meet really cool people and artists and learn things all at the same time. I would have to say though that quality is the biggest plus for me. I would rather spend a bit more and have something that will last and support small businesses than a whole bunch of things that will eventually have to be thrown out or that will break.”

Originally from Bermuda, Sawyer gets a lot of her inspiration from the ocean – and it really shows in her work…

Constellation Kitchen on

Humpback Whale, from Constellation Kitchen

Constellation Kitchen on

Multi-Coloured Cereal Bowl from Constellation Kitchen

Constellation Kitchen on

Hand Painted World Map from Constellation Kitchen

You can also find Constellation Kitchen on Instagram and Facebook.

Kid Licks: edible nail polish for kids!

If you’ve ever painted your little’s nails, you have probably seen them try to pick it off with their teeth, if not eat it! Well, Kid Licks has come up with a line of nail polishes that are made entirely of food, and are organic, vegan, non-GMO and cruelty free. It dries in five minutes, comes off with water, and is completely safe to eat! I think that’s genius.

Audrey and Josh are the couple behind Kid Licks, and with three kids of their own, and no food-based polish they could find on their own, they knew they had to create one. Audrey said, “I wanted a way for our children to paint their nails by themselves without having to worry about something toxic getting in their mouths, since regular nail polish, and even other nail polish for kids, is made with chemicals and plastics that we would not want them ingesting.”

Of course, making things with their hands, as well as the freedom to be their own bosses, were a driving force behind starting Kid Licks: “Handmade goods to me are some of the highest quality products out there. I would rather have one quality item made by hand than multiple items that were mass produced using low quality materials. …I love that I can get creative and try new ways of marketing, packaging, and creating new recipes without needing permission from anyone to use this kind of imaginativeness.”

I personally think it’s a great idea, and wish them so much success! Here are a few of their products:

Kid Licks edible nail polish on

Kid Licks Barley Grass Green Edible Organic Nail Polish

Kid Licks edible nail polish on

Kid Licks Beet Red Edible Organic Nail Polish

Kid Licks edible nail polish on

Kid Licks Sour Carrot Orange Edible Organic Nail Polish

You can also find Kid Licks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Steve Jobs Quote

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Red Bubble picks

There are so many ways to sell your creative works on the internet… Of course, pretty much everyone on the planet know about Etsy. And now there are a few strong contenders that were built soley for selling handmade. But another site you may not have heard of is RedBubble. At RedBubble you can turn your art (illustrations, paintings, photographs, collages and more) into products like (the more obvious) prints, posters, and wall art, but also clothing, stationary, cell phone cases, clothing, bedding, stickers, bags and more!

Today I am rounding up a few of my favorites from RedBubble, I hope you enjoy them, too!

The Desert by Essi Kimpimaki on

The Desert art print by Essi Kimpimaki


Floral Forest by uzualsunday on

Floral Forest throw pillow by uzualsunday

Camp sticker by seasidespirit on

Camp sticker by seasidespirit

iPhone case Winter Wood by littleclyde on

iPhone case Winter Wood by littleclyde


Bedhead Designs: custom headboards and pillows

Bedhead Designs: custom headboards and ruffle pillows are made for families, but specifically for kids. Nikki, maker, designer, and mom, was looking for a creative outlet when she started Bedhead Designs. Her favorite part of being in business for herself? “I love that I make my own hours. I have a family and I homeschool, so I pick when I work and when I am with my family!”

She likes to support other small business makers, and feels “Customers get a little piece of your soul when they buy a handmade item. It’s not just made on an assembly line. Most of my headboards are custom orders. I had to search for the fabric, then make sure the style was just right, then I used my hands to make it. It has a different feel when it’s handmade!”

Take a look at some of her fun creations here:

Custom headboards from Bedhead Designs.

Custom headboard from Bedhead Designs.

Custom ruffled pillows from Bedhead Designs.

Custom ruffled pillows from Bedhead Designs.

Custom headboards from Bedhead Designs.

Custom headboard from Bedhead Designs.



You can also find Bedhead Designs on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


ThatWeDo: handmade, one-of-a-kind, polymer-clay jewellery

ThatWeDo was conceived at a baby shower, with necklaces given as a thank you gift from one sister to another. After that, they found people constantly commented on the original creations when worn. Eventually enough people asked where they could buy their own that they decided to begin making them for others and ThatWeDo was born.

Kat and her sisters “are inspired to create original pieces that you won’t see others wearing. Pieces that you can throw on with a plain t-shirt to add a pop of interest or team with a well-thought-out outfit to create a finishing touch. We believe it’s the tiny details that make something special. Our jewellery is designed to help people express their personal style.”

Each piece they make is one of a kind, with time invested and attention to detail. “We were tagged in a pic of someone wearing one of our necklaces in Brussels the other day. It was such a wonderful thing to see, one of our Sydney-made designs getting out into the wide world. It also reminded us just how international the handmade design community has become. And that there is something so lovely about the fact that we’re all so closely connected, even across oceans.” Lovely, indeed!

That We Do || on

Handmade Originals Polymer Clay Necklace – Cocoon from ThatWeDo

That We Do || on

Kids make your own necklace kit from ThatWeDo

That We Do || on

Handmade Polymer Clay Gum Leaf Necklace – Forest Filly from ThatWeDo


You can also fin ThatWeDo on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Revival Body Care: Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free Skin Care

Skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put onto it, so it is so important to consider using products that are chemical free. Revival Body Care products are created using only the finest ingredients (Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free).  Nicole, the owner and creator of Revival Body Care has a passion for healthy lifestyles, and is excited to share her labor of love! While she and her family eat all organic, non-GMO, clean foods and are involved in physical activities like Pilates and Barre, she adds, “I am also extremely careful about the products that we use ON our bodies! I make every effort to use products that are free of toxins, chemicals and preservatives. SKIN is our largest organ and is porous which means that anything you put ON it will end up being absorbed INTO it. (Lotions, deodorants, make-up, soaps, etc.). … I am more careful than ever when it comes to my skin care regime. A huge part of that regime is exfoliation.”
One of her main (and favorite!) ingredients in her products is coconut oil, “I truly believe that it is God’s gift! The uses are countless… My passion for coconut oil led me to creating some FABULOUS body scrubs that incorporate all natural ingredients & essential oils. The results were beyond expectation!”

When I asked her about why she started her business, Nicole said, “I’ve gone through some personal changes this past year and also reached my 7th year with my business, Sunshine Couture. I was ready to expand and find something NEW that showcase my passions and to help educate my loved ones about a more holistic approach. This led to the creation of Revival Body Care. I am in LOVE with the products and I know you will be too! I’ve done everything from creating “recipes”, designing my Logo/packaging, social media and developing my website.”

Nicole has been an entrepreneur for 7 years, and encourages anyone who feels they want to start a business to take the leap: “If you have a passion, go for it!  Never give up and always keep learning and continue to gather inspiration, whether it be from nature, museums, music, travel or even your local craft store!  xo, Nicole”

Isn’t her enthusiasm contagious!? I love it! Here are just a few of the lovely scrubs that Revival Body Care offers:

Revival Body Care ||  on

LEMON + COCONUT from Revival Body Care || on

Revival Body Care ||  on

COFFEE + ROSEHIP from Revival Body Care || on

Revival Body Care ||  on

LAVENDER + GRAPESEED from Revival Body Care || on


You can also find Revival Body Care on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Use coupon code HELLO10 for 10% off your order (expires 04.25.15)